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Today, June 21st is officially ASK Day.  ASK stands for Asking Saves Kids.  The campaign encourages parents to ask a simple question when their children go to play at another home “Is there an unlocked gun in your home?”  Pretty simple, right? I became a parent a few years ago, and I never thought about […]

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Blowout For Dinner-

Blowout For Dinner?

My husband and I were in that newborn-first-child-we-can-still-do-everything-we-did-BEFORE-we had-a-baby-phase.  We were young and naive.  Well, I was young.  He was just naive.  {LOVE YOU BABE!}  So of course we decided to go to dinner.  Easy as a blowout pie, right? We ordered some appetizers, chips and salsa for him, green bean fries with dipping sauce […]

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I’m Tired of Feeling Guilty

I read an article the other day about a little girl who kept getting out of bed even though her mother had put her down about six times.  Then, after the fiftieth call out {Okay that’s exaggerating, but you get the picture} the mother goes upstairs to find a note that her daughter had written. […]

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My Twenty Minute Trick

My Twenty Minute Trick

I HATE cleaning.  No, I LOATHE it.  Which is worse hate or loathe?  Whichever one it is that’s how I feel about cleaning.  I love the outcome of cleaning.  I do like a clean house.  But, the act of cleaning makes me was to throw a four-year-old tantrum.  And if you have a four-year-old then […]

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Top 10 #ParentFails

We here at Anaheim Moms Blog are basically perfect at parenting.  We pride ourselves in being the best parents EVER.  Mother’s Day is our Superbowl and we WIN every time! Oh puuuuulllleeeaassseee!  We are seriously just trying to make it through the day with all of our children alive and all limbs accounted for!  So, […]

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This isn't how it's supposed to be

What Today Is “Supposed” To Be

Hey y’all – today is supposed to be the Friday Funny.  I know, I look forward to it every Friday too, but if I’m being honest I simply couldn’t find the funny this week.  In fact, I most certainly needed the Funny more than any other week – but I just didn’t have it in […]

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What Were They Thinking-

What Were They Thinking?!

Do you ever see your child’s actions and wonder, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!  I have those thoughts almost every single day.  It’s only when I start to remember how ridiculous I was when I was a kid that I realize people are weird.  Not only are kids weird, but people in general are weird.  So, to […]

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First child vs. Second child

When I was pregnant with my first child I decided that I would use cloth diapers.  I also was definitely going to breastfeed and obviously make my own baby food.  I would stay at home and focus on my baby.  I didn’t buy many toys because a baby really only needs his mother and imagination. […]

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