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You know you’re a golf widow when….

My husband is a golfer. He has been a golfer as long as I’ve known him. I know there are more partners of golfers out there. So, you know you’re a golf widow when… You casually prepare plans around golfing weekends – there’s no point making a fuss so you just embrace his loss for […]

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Fun Date nights

Fun Date Nights Around Anaheim

Date night. The Holy Grail for most parents. We all need time together to reconnect. Get out there and have some fun! When we first moved here I had no idea what fun there was to be had in the local area so I would ask my friends what they liked to do and I […]

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Have you ever had a ‘mom life’ crisis?

Help – I think I am having a mom life crisis! Send cookies and wine… Have you ever had a mom life crisis? You know, that moment where you look back at your pre-mummy life and realise HOW MUCH has changed. Where you spend moments longing for your life pre-kids when less than 10 hours […]

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Boys and Pink – Can we drop the stigma?

Boys and pink; why is it socially unacceptable? Our girls are ‘allowed’ to like ‘boys toys’ and dress in ‘boys clothes’ but when a boy likes pink it is considered so taboo. Still. In 2016!  Boys are shamed by adults into believing they cannot like ‘girl things’. It is so ingrained in some of our […]

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To my biggest boy

To My Biggest Baby as you start school

To my biggest baby as you start school, Somehow 5 years have rushed by and it is time for you to start Kindergarten. I’m lucky, if we had still been in England I would have lost you to ‘big school’ last year, but somehow I still don’t feel quite ready for things to change. It […]

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ME TIMEWhy we take time just for ourselves

Why ‘me time’ is important in our family

I want people to know why ‘me time’ is important in our family. It’s something so many mummies don’t get enough of. Either by choice, or by necessity, or by circumstance. We knew when we had our first 5 years ago that ‘me time’ was going to be something we placed importance on. I fully […]

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Surviving a toddler tonsillectomy

My toddler recently had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and I am just about surviving! While it is fresh in my mind I thought I would go through the things that have helped us get through these 2 weeks. Before the Surgery We got a great book called Good bye tonsils which helped hugely. We read it […]

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