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My Thanksgiving Wish

There are so many concerns in our day to day lives. As Moms, we have our kids, spouse, health, family, friends, dishes, laundry, housekeeping, this week’s holiday bake sale and 10,000 other things on our minds 10,000 times a day. This isn’t even including the ‘macro’ things like politics, war, race and gender issues, etc. […]

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Poopocalypse now

Poopocalypse Now: My 18 Hour Battle Of The Blowout

Not unlike most stories, mine begins on an average day. It’s a Tuesday. I drop my toddler off at preschool while my one-year-old twins are supervised by a trusted adult. Little can prepare me for what’s in store upon my return… I have entered my home. Is it the apocalypse? No, it’s the poopocalypse. It’s […]

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Give Them Grace.

I was exchanging a series of text messages with my friend who writes for Albuquerque Moms Blog.  We were talking about our husbands and how some of the decisions they make in regards to the care of our children are rather questionable.  For instance, for some inexplicable reason my husband can NEVER smell a poopie diaper. […]

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Lattes and Manicures Make Everything Better, Right?

Lattes and Manicures Make Everything Better, Right?

I’ve quickly realized that being a mother means you are a caretaker. That is probably common sense to most people, but I truly didn’t understand the depth of the job when I applied: You quite literally take care of a little human(s) 24/7. I also know that caretakers, by profession, experience one of the highest […]

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On Turing 30 (1)

On Turning 30

I’m turning the big “Three-Oh” this year and it has me doing all kinds of introspection-y type things. I don’t hate or dread getting older; in fact, quite the opposite. You see, I’m like a fine wine – I just keep getting better with age. JUST KIDDING. I’m not that annoying. Or maybe I am… […]

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Life is Heavy

Life is heavy.

You know how sometimes in life it seems as if everything is going well? Relationships are smooth, bodies are healthy, grades are high, work is successful, marriage is solid, babies are smiling, etc. etc. etc.  And then there are times in life when the world seems dark. Death, divorce, sickness, addiction, abuse, loss, and depression seem […]

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