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My Top I Would Never

My Top “I Would Nevers”

I said I would never do this. I said I would never put a sign on my door saying the baby is sleeping. I said I would be loud so the baby could sleep through everything. Well, all those “I would nevers” got thrown out the window when I had my second baby. Besides the fact […]

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May She Always

May She Always

My husband and I recently took our two-year-old daughter and five-month-old son on a short family hike. Pre-kids, we had been on this trail countless times. But trekking alongside my daughter gave me a new perspective as I rediscovered it through her two-year-old eyes. I couldn’t help but reflect and see the hike in a […]

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Fear of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy has not really been discussed in our house – like at all.  In fact, when my son noticed that he had a loose tooth and mentioned the Tooth Fairy I was actually surprised. My son and I talked for a bit about his loose tooth and how it would fall out and […]

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anaheim moms blog

Why Is My Child Obsessed With Fidget Spinners?

Seriously, did anyone know what a fidget spinner was a year ago?   I didn’t. So, why is my five-year-old obsessed with fidget spinners? Well, I asked him and he told me that the fidget spinner was his favorite toy.  When I asked him why he said he didn’t know.   So much for a […]

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Formula Guilt

The first night I gave my 3 month old a bottle with formula instead of breast milk I was overwhelmed with guilt and emotion. I had breast fed and pumped exclusively for 3 months and the demand was beginning to take a toll on me. Especially when he preferred the bottle at times because he […]

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