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I'm Drowning

I Feel Like I’m Drowning

There’s a song that sometimes pops into my head.  The lyrics go something like you’re only.  you’re only seventeen.  you’re only. you’re only seventeen. It’s almost like I actually have little characters inside my head who throw that song into my brain like in the movie Inside Out.  For whatever reason that song takes me […]

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Yep I'm British

Yep, I’m British…

503 days ago we put everything we owned into a huge shipping container, waved it goodbye for 9 weeks and got on a plane to Anaheim with our 2 boys and 7 suitcases. I look back at the early days and wonder how I survived. We spent the first 6 weeks living in 2 different […]

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Stay at home mama vs. Working mama

Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms

My grandmother recently started a debate over whether stay at home moms or working moms have it harder. My 82 year old grandmother who raised three boys and a girl, thought that staying at home was much more difficult. As the debate got a little heated, she pointed out that she had done both. Another […]

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Untitled design (2)

Rainbows and Sunshine?

Being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) is not what I had envisioned it to be. I was a full-time working mom up until our second child was born. I have to admit, I enjoyed working and then coming home to see my smiley first child. The first couple of years were nice because we […]

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Top 10 Best -Kid Says- (1)

My Top 10 Best “Kids Say”

I have to say that one of my favorite shows was “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  I loved that show even before I had children.  And now that I do it’s completely accurate.  Kids truly do say the most bizarre, often unintelligible, counterintuitive and quite frankly straight up weirdest things.  I haven’t had children too […]

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Don't. Call. Me. Cute.

Don’t. call. me. cute.

I’m walking down the hallway of my high school, attempting to navigate the crowd when an extremely tall girl pats me on the head like a puppy.  I realize I am pretty short, 5’2″ isn’t exactly the size of a basketball player, but I also believe it’s taller than most children.  The pat was a […]

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New Year Fresh Start

Three Goals This Mama Wants to Keep

Another year has come and gone. I find it funny that we set resolutions each year with good intentions to meet them, but somehow in the midst of being a busy mom, wife, working professional…we’d forget them right around February. Well, this year is different, right? Sure. Let’s set some because it will make us […]

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