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Not a Fan of Kids

I’m not a fan of kids. There, I’ve said it. I realized that I don’t like other peoples kids.  I love my kids and think my kids are awesome…even my P.I.T.A ( I’ve realized that I don’t like other peoples kids.  I love my kids and think my kids are awesome…even my P.I.T.A (see my […]

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Run Toddler Run

My toddler is a runner. He is not your average child runner he is a sprinter and extremely fast. He has two speeds: fast and turbo. I guess he channels his inner Lighting McQueen and lives by the mantra: Speed. I am speed. You can blink your eyes and he is already down the street. […]

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Letter to My Challenging One-Year-Old

Dear my sweet, cute P.I.T.A (Pain In The You Know What) Challenging One-Year-Old Today is your first birthday and although we love you, a lot…I still don’t know how we survived your first year.  Let me reminisce for a moment of how we got here. You threw us for a loop when we were told […]

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Do You Have a Picky Eater-

To Eat or Not To Eat: That is the Question! or… 4 Strange Things My Little Picky Eater WILL Eat! (“recipes” included!)

I remember when my nephew was little. It seemed like all he ate – for YEARS – was buttered noodles. And bread. Since I didn’t have kids yet, I thought this was appalling! Talk about a picky eater! Now that I have my own kid, I know better. She would eat “cheesy noodles” every day, […]

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Motherhood, I’m Winging It.

Guys, today my almost two-year-old ate fruit snacks for breakfast.  In my defense they were organic! Thank you, Costco. As I allowed this travesty of a breakfast to happen, I realized that I am flying by the seat of my pants.  I just really hope that there isn’t some sort of emergency exit happening anytime soon. I […]

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Parenting – One Size Does Not Fit All

I have two daughters.  And while I try not to compare them, I find myself remembering the milestones of my first born while watching the milestones of my second.   And it’s so true what they say, parenting is definitely not one size fits all. My younger daughter took her first steps this week, just […]

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Give Them Grace.

I was exchanging a series of text messages with my friend who writes for Albuquerque Moms Blog.  We were talking about our husbands and how some of the decisions they make in regards to the care of our children are rather questionable.  For instance, for some inexplicable reason my husband can NEVER smell a poopie diaper. […]

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The Bedtime Routine

See that baby up above?  Yeah, he’s sleeping all peaceful and perfect.  That’s not my baby.  My baby hates bedtime.  Which makes me hate our bedtime routine.  I think I hate bedtime more than any other part of the day.  It’s like the epic end to a three part battle, but oh wait, there’s actually […]

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What A Child With Autism Wants YOU To Know

What Children With Autism Want You To Know

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month. As someone who works with children with disabilities, this month is dear to my heart. I have worked with many children with different challenges, but children with autism are my passion. People with autism can range from intellectually disabled to gifted in intellect. Autism ranges from mild to […]

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