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Don’t Make This Parenting Mistake

Once I had a child I was immediately worried about making huge parenting mistakes.  I think that’s pretty common among parents.   As parents, we first worry about how many diaper changes they have and if the swaddle is on correctly.  Then, we worry about the types and amounts of food they eat and whether […]

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Letter to My Challenging One-Year-Old

Dear my sweet, cute P.I.T.A (Pain In The You Know What) Challenging One-Year-Old Today is your first birthday and although we love you, a lot…I still don’t know how we survived your first year.  Let me reminisce for a moment of how we got here. You threw us for a loop when we were told […]

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Poopocalypse now

Poopocalypse Now: My 18 Hour Battle Of The Blowout

Not unlike most stories, mine begins on an average day. It’s a Tuesday. I drop my toddler off at preschool while my one-year-old twins are supervised by a trusted adult. Little can prepare me for what’s in store upon my return… I have entered my home. Is it the apocalypse? No, it’s the poopocalypse. It’s […]

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Give Them Grace.

I was exchanging a series of text messages with my friend who writes for Albuquerque Moms Blog.  We were talking about our husbands and how some of the decisions they make in regards to the care of our children are rather questionable.  For instance, for some inexplicable reason my husband can NEVER smell a poopie diaper. […]

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Blowout For Dinner-

Blowout For Dinner?

My husband and I were in that newborn-first-child-we-can-still-do-everything-we-did-BEFORE-we had-a-baby-phase.  We were young and naive.  Well, I was young.  He was just naive.  {LOVE YOU BABE!}  So of course we decided to go to dinner.  Easy as a blowout pie, right? We ordered some appetizers, chips and salsa for him, green bean fries with dipping sauce […]

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Top 10 #ParentFails

We here at Anaheim Moms Blog are basically perfect at parenting.  We pride ourselves in being the best parents EVER.  Mother’s Day is our Superbowl and we WIN every time! Oh puuuuulllleeeaassseee!  We are seriously just trying to make it through the day with all of our children alive and all limbs accounted for!  So, […]

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