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Hanging with Heroes 2018

Hanging with Heroes 2018 {Event Recap}

Hanging with Heroes was an absolute BLAST! Even though there was RAIN we still made the best of it!  So thank you for braving the rain and making it to Hanging with Heroes! The rain didn't stop us from having an amazing time at Hanging with Heroes!   Thank you to Trinity Lutheran School for hosting us!  [...]
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ice cream

10 Local Places To Get Your Ice Cream Fix

There’s something nostalgic about ice cream. Remember those days of waiting for warmer days and hearing the ice cream truck music coming around the neighborhood. Then running over to the ice cream truck to pick out your favorite frozen treats. There’s also something about eating ice cream when it’s freezing outside. My family and I […]

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Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in Orange County (1)

Orange County’s Ultimate Summer Camp Guide

We LOVE Summer Camp!  And we are thrilled to bring you our Orange County Ultimate Summer Camp Guide, all thanks to our many sponsors! Whether your child likes to bake, create, roast, sauté, fry or just blend, we have a camp for all interests. Our camps are organized into 3 age groups so all chefs team [...]
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monday holiday woes

Monday Holiday Woes For This Mom

Woe is me, Monday holidays are not for me.  I feel resentful and a bunch of other unwanted emotions every time there is a Monday holiday…there I said it.  I know some of you SAHM are thinking duh, it’s hard of all of us we have a whole extra day of having to entertain our […]

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Looking For A New Podcast? Try These Fan Favorites

I’m obsessed with podcasts. It all began at the gym, when I was bored listening to the same “gym” playlist over and over. I branched out to Pandora and Apple music. But more frequently, I was finding myself losing interest and unmotivated by some of my favorite songs. It wasn’t enough anymore, so I tried […]

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Yelling is the NEW Spanking

How often do you find yourself YELLING at your kids? Are you asking your kids to do something more than four or five times before you lose it and start your yelling? Are you yelling during dinner time, bedtime, or when rushing out the door? We stopped spanking because of the trauma it causes a […]

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