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Meet the Anaheim Moms Blog Contributing Team
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As an Army Brat, I’ve lived all over the country, but have been fortunate enough to call Orange County home for nearly 20 years. In 2008, I received my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from California State University of Fullerton. Since then, I’ve enjoyed writing both professionally and personally. I have a small obsession with crocheting (and all things yarn, really) and enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and sipping on a nice glass of red wine. My husband Justin and I have been married since 2012 and recently welcomed our daughter Samantha Jewel into the world. As a new mom, I look forward to being a part of Anaheim Mom’s Blog and connecting with you all through my posts.



Jill grew up in the Irvine bubble. She went to school in San Diego and gravitated back after graduation.  She has been working for the same company for the past 15 years as the Marketing Manager of a label company. One of the biggest perks is going to wine and craft beer tradeshows (need we say more).  She met her husband through and has been married for 6 years. She has a 4 year old daughter, Lily, a 13 month old son, Caden, an 11 year old dog, Montana, a 11 year old cat, Chloe, and a 8 year old cat, Spike. To say her house is a zoo is an understatement. When she’s not vacuuming the hair off the ground, or cleaning the food off the walls, she loves spending time with the family going to Disneyland (new AP) and finding new parks to play at.  




Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @LuckyLoveglobe! Though I was born and raised in New York City, I’ve lived in SoCal for over ten years now and am proud to call this beautiful and diverse place my home. My husband and I have a son and baby daughter (whom I was 9 months pregnant with when this photo was taken!). Prior to becoming a mommy I spent several years in feature film publicity and acquisitions for Miramax and later as the Creative Executive for Hilary Swank Productions before seguing to the music industry where I did Online Communications for the GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares. In my ample pre-parenthood free time, I also freelanced as a script analyst and screenwriter. I am fortunate now to be able to devote all my time to my family, but I still love to write so am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this blog! I am a foodie, avid traveler, environmentalist, preschool parent volunteer, and unabashed Disney nut. 



I grew up in Orange County then went to Los Angeles (with a short detour in Santa Barbara) for college and spent the next 12 years there thinking that was home until I met my amazing, now husband on and moved back here to start our life together. After years of helping out with family and friend’s kids I finally have one of my own, a 10 month old active, healthy, happy boy. I take Working Mom to a whole new dimension with a private mental health practice, a part-time hospice social work job, Oh and I blog too! It sounds like a lot but the decision to quit my full time job working for someone else to take my career and family life into my own hands was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family.


Trina (2)

Trina is an adventure-seeking, shoe obsessed, sports fanatic from Northeast Ohio. With her husband (Ed) and son (Riley) she relocated to warm, Southern California in 2013. Trina recently started a business, Home Learning Company, (  based on educational games and toys she created for her son during the long, Ohio winters. Trina can be found at the gym, exploring new cities and attractions, experimenting with new recipes, entertaining friends, or watching her 2 favorite sports teams: the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Cavaliers.



Originally from suburban New York, Tracey moved to La-La Land many years ago to earn her M.A. from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television. After an exciting 15+ year career in entertainment, Tracey left the rat race in order to start a family. Being a SAHM also gave her the opportunity to get back to her theatrical “roots.” She now teaches “Broadway Beatz” dance classes to children and adults throughout her community, choreographs and directs musical theatre, and coaches private students. In addition, Tracey works as a freelance writer, contributing blog posts, marketing pieces and scripts for various clients. Tracey met her high school teacher husband, Marc, in a musical theatre workshop (that they are still in!) 10 years ago, and they recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. They live in Los Angeles with their 4 year-old spitfire of a daughter, Marissa, who keeps them on their toes (…and doesn’t let them sleep).



I grew up in Placentia and have lived in Orange County my entire life. I met my husband at a bar in Downtown Fullerton 10 years ago. He is also is an Orange County native, from Anaheim Hills. We were married in 2013 in Puerto Vallarta, in the smallest ceremony possible–ourselves, the photographer and the officiant. Our first son was born in 2014 and our (identical) twin boys were born in 2015. So yes, you are reading that correctly; we have 3 boys born 15 months apart. Life is crazy. I love it, but it’s crazy. As such, I am a stay at home mommy and attempt to keep my sanity, keep my house clean, get healthy food on the table (most days!) and try to be the best mommy possible to my crazy, silly, rambunctious boys. Prior to having my kiddos, I was an avid yogi and enjoyed traveling. I try to work in as much reading, baking, cooking and crafty/creative projects as possible–which isn’t much these days, but it’s improving. I love a good debate, dinner parties, and spending time with friends and family. If music is on, chances are I’m singing and/or dancing. I love getting my hands dirty with projects aound the house and hope to have a ’58 Corvette and ’66 Nova in my garage someday. Oh, and I really love sleep and showers. Neither of which, it turns out, are compatible with motherhood. C’est la vie!



I am Viv, stay at home mom (mummy) to Edison who is 4 and Arlo who is 3. I am married to my best friend and university sweetheart Steve. In October 2014 we moved 5321 miles from our beautiful Victorian home in Sheffield, England to Anaheim Hills and are loving the wild adventure this move has turned our life into. I am so very grateful that this move has given me the opportunity to quit my kinder teacher role to stay home with my crazy whirlwinds and enjoy the adventures of modern motherhood. I am a make up and skincare junkie who loves farmers markets with my little foodies, antique shops, restoring antique finds, reading, baking, eating out, and trying not to spend everything we have in Target! Oh and chips. I LOVE chips (crisps for any Brits reading this). All the chips.



Allison is best known on social media as the helpful mom that is always around to help out. Growing up as the youngest of six kids, it was just expected that she pitch in an help just as her parents did for people in the community. When time permits you can find her at her church food pantry rolling the shopping cart and giving tips on how to use the pantry food or stretch food budgets. Because of her type A personality, she has bounced around from job to job during her 20’s. Ranging from retail to hospitality and many office jobs. But every day she was stuck inside she would day dream of being outside in the elements doing hard work. In her early 30’s she turned an odd job business of going grocery shopping and folding laundry for people into a part time business, but with full-time pay. Every day is something different. One day could be planting bulbs for spring and the next is doing a garage clean out. She really loves that every day is something different and she gets to help a wide variety of people as well. Being a single mom has given her great strength to get out of bed every day. She enjoys being with her church family and spending time her daughter. She has a tight budget but always manages to have fun times and do things on the weekends. She used to be a coupon teacher and teach people how to leverage coupons to pay off debts or save for their vacation fund. She will tell you about how she found this or that on sale or used with a coupon. She also has 32+ food intolerances. Instead of seeing it as a burden, she thinks about all the foods she can eat and is very creative to make tasty meals.



Eleven years of OC living, seven years of teaching high school English, a husband, and two babies later, Katie is now experimenting with stay-at-home mom life. She used to think staying at home was easier than teaching full time, but after having two she’s not so sure. She has found that writing allows her to ponder the joys and struggles of motherhood while using vocabulary that contains more than one syllable. Katie is always open to life’s possibilities except when those possibilities interfere with nap schedules. If there were hidden cameras in her house, they would show her eating treats far too often to call them “treats” and sipping on the same coffee throughout the day. She also does her fair share of cooking, social media stalking, pinteresting, and podcast listening. When she used to have time for hobbies, she enjoyed coffee shop hopping, Netflix binging, shopping, decorating, crafting, and DIY’ing.


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Megan Phillips is a licensed clinical psychologist who owns a private practice that specializes in helping women and moms in Orange County ( She is from the Pacific Northwest, but she and her husband decided to escape the rain and move to warm, sunny Southern California in 2012. Since then, she became a mom to a smart and funny little boy and an adorable baby girl. Megan enjoys cooking and taking in the local sights, and she is always up for a fun mommy’s night out. 

Heather Bailey


Heather grew up in Northern California and migrated down to Southern California to attend Chapman University. After graduation she worked for the Angels Baseball Club, Anaheim Ducks and Quiksilver apparel company.  While working for the Angels she met her husband Aaron and they have one son. Heather stays home with her toddler son, teaches yoga and is co-owner of Purify Sauna Lounge in Anaheim Hills.


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Brenae grew up in Southern California and moved to Houston, Texas nearly 8 years ago. She’s been married to her husband, Matt, for over 4 years and they have two young children, Silas (2) and Verity (5 months). Brenae spends her days home with her babies, blogging over at, taking photos, avoiding cleaning, driving through Starbucks way too often and indulging in all things interior design. 


Heather Moulden (Blue)

Heather Moulden loves all things Orange County. Heather met her husband of 10+ years at Canyon High School and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. degree in Communications. These days Heather juggles being a REALTOR® in North OC, and keeping the family bonds tight. She has two wonderful, school-aged children who fill her days full of joy. She is active in the community, at church and makes her friendships a priority. (Because as we mamas know, friendships are important!) Some of Heather’s favorite things include staying active in the gym, finding new ways to cook healthy food and home design. Heather is happy to be a contributor to Anaheim Mom’s Blog because she has also been passionate about writing since she was five, where she used to create fake magazines with high fashion and intriguing articles.