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Formula Guilt

The first night I gave my 3 month old a bottle with formula instead of breast milk I was overwhelmed with guilt and emotion. I had breast fed and pumped exclusively for 3 months and the demand was beginning to take a toll on me. Especially when he preferred the bottle at times because he […]

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Run Toddler Run

My toddler is a runner. He is not your average child runner he is a sprinter and extremely fast. He has two speeds: fast and turbo. I guess he channels his inner Lighting McQueen and lives by the mantra: Speed. I am speed. You can blink your eyes and he is already down the street. […]

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Happiness in a Happy Meal

Happy Meal. The dreaded words that cause my toddler to ecstatically grin ear to ear. My two year old is obsessed with the golden arches and the contents of the child crack. I knew this day would come especially since some late night chicken nuggets and fries have always been my husband’s guilty pleasure. It was […]

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