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library hack

A Life-Changing Library Hack For Parents

Soft talking. Only walking. My toddler and I review our library mantra before we enter the main wing each week after library story time, which is held in a separate wing. She knows the rules. But, as rehearsed as she is in reciting them, applying them is a different story. Sharing my love of books […]

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The Price of Being Present

We are often encouraged to be present – to stop whatever we are doing in favor of being in the moment. As moms of little ones, sometimes it’s hard, even downright impossible to follow this advice. When you wake up for ANOTHER middle of the night feeding or hear your toddler’s feet splashing in a […]

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May She Always

May She Always

My husband and I recently took our two-year-old daughter and five-month-old son on a short family hike. Pre-kids, we had been on this trail countless times. But trekking alongside my daughter gave me a new perspective as I rediscovered it through her two-year-old eyes. I couldn’t help but reflect and see the hike in a […]

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sleep anaheim moms blog

Sleep Tips for Traveling with Small Children

Traveling with small children can often feel more like work than vacation. This reality discourages families from venturing out for too long. Aside from the packing and lugging things for those too helpless to do it themselves, one of the most daunting things about vacation is the uncertainty of little ones’ sleep.  Will they get […]

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The Contest between Chores & Play

“Come, Mama.” Her little voice always seems to summon me for play at the most inconvenient times – amid a never-ending list of cleaning, tidying, organizing, sorting, laundering, and cooking. I’m not always good at stopping, and I will put her off, or even worse dismiss her, explaining that Mommy has to finish this or […]

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The Parenting Voices

My Internal “Momologues”

Social media takes a lot of heat for making moms feel ‘lesser than.’ And I wholeheartedly agree. For a minute though, I’d like to call out parenting books and parenting experts as huge culprits in causing angst and a feeling of ineptitude across the parent population. Nothing makes me feel like a worse parent than […]

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Pelvic Physical Therapist-1

Q&A With A Pelvic Physical Therapist

When I was a new mom, a pelvic physical therapist visited my Mommy-and-Me class one day to educate us on postpartum health and wellness. I was eager to learn more about this topic because I didn’t feel very knowledgeable about it after my very brief 6-week postpartum exam with a nurse practitioner who focused mainly […]

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Clean Laundry

Every Mom’s “Extra” Child

My mom had a 5th kid that everyone knew about, but no one ever talked about. This child lived shut away in the downstairs spare bedroom like some dark and dirty secret. Except it wasn’t a dark dirty secret. It was one of my mom’s beloved children, and if you knew my mom, then you […]

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Gift Guide

Toddler Easter Basket Gift Guide

I’m in the camp of moms who enjoys the thinking, the research, the price comparisons, and the shopping involved in gift-giving. For those moms who either don’t enjoy this or who don’t have the time, gift guides and one-click shopping can be a beautiful thing. Just ask my husband how beautiful it is that I […]

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Sleepless in Orange County

Sleepless in Orange County

Exhaustion has been taking its toll on my husband and me for awhile because of our sleepless six-month-old. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized how much of a toll. We had just woken up at my in-law’s house, and I was disoriented. Was it night? The wee hours of the morning? Time […]

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How to _KonMari_Your Fridge

3 Simple Ways to Edit Your Fridge

As a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and a baby, sometimes I find refuge in a little retail therapy. In fact,  I would consider myself a shameless consumer. I fall prey to all the cute things, all the inexpensive things, all the yummy things, and just ALL. THE. THINGS. I swear my cortisol levels drop […]

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