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#2 is a Game Changer

I’ve been told that #2 is a game changer, and even though my little girl isn’t here yet – I can already tell it’s TRUE! The truth…I haven’t been “adulting” very well lately. On top of being pregnant, I haven’t exactly been “adulting” very well lately. The culprit? Baby number two growing in my belly. […]

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Don’t Rush the Potty

So my husband and I are very grateful for a child that appears to be healthy and without any challenges at this time.  However we are in no way urging, hoping for, or thinking our son is above average.  Our hope is that he feels loved and successful in life whatever that looks like for […]

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Get ready…I’m about to out myself

Okay y’all ready? Here goes – I am not a super hero. I’m not a super mom, a super wife, or a super worker. I know, I know you are shocked (read sarcasm).  So maybe I outed myself to something you already know. However, I certainly needed the reminder. These days I’m feeling a little […]

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Silent Grievers Part 2

I received a lot of response on Facebook for my open letter to Silent Grievers.  This affirmed for me that so many people have been touched by some sort of loss associated with growing a family.  Everyone knows someone who has experienced infertility, miscarriage, fetal demise, still birth, etc. So I thought with so many people […]

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Planning a party should be fun not stressful!

First Birthday Partyitis

  When my first child was turning one I knew I wanted to throw a birthday party for him.  Not only to celebrate his year, but also as a celebration for my husband and I.  We made it one whole year!  A party was definitely in order.  However, as I started to plan I quickly […]

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Silently Grieving

Moms Often Silently Grieve | Anaheim Moms Blog

  An open letter to those struggling with challenges growing a family Dear those of you silently hurting, Years ago there was a campaign in the mental health profession to help the “Silent Grievers”, at the time this referred to children.  The campaign led to resources and public knowledge. Now people think about children grieving […]

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