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Do You Have a Picky Eater-

To Eat or Not To Eat: That is the Question! or… 4 Strange Things My Little Picky Eater WILL Eat! (“recipes” included!)

I remember when my nephew was little. It seemed like all he ate – for YEARS – was buttered noodles. And bread. Since I didn’t have kids yet, I thought this was appalling! Talk about a picky eater! Now that I have my own kid, I know better. She would eat “cheesy noodles” every day, […]

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My Mother's Day Promise

My Mother’s Day Promise

I get frustrated A LOT.  Before I became a mother, I am pretty sure I never used to get this frustrated. I can’t help it! My 4 year-old daughter is “people-stop-us-in-the-street” adorable, but she is precocious, incredibly stubborn, verbal beyond her years and quite defiant. So yes:  IT’S FRUSTRATING!!! A few days ago, I took […]

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