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The Story Of A Disorganized Mom

I recently took the Clifton Strengths test for a conference I attended. It won’t surprise anyone who knows me well to hear most of my results fell into the Relationship Building category. People are my strength. I have always considered myself a people person, though I was surprised to discover, of my 5 strengths, 4 […]

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museum of ice cream

The Museum Of Ice Cream

Yes you read that right; there is a museum of ICE CREAM in Los Angeles, right on our doorstep. And it’s EPIC.  This place is literally an Instagrammer’s dream. My boys were in awe of the beautiful millennials and their photography skills. (Who am I kidding. So was I. Did my skin ever look that […]

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Spinning The Plates Of Motherhood

In my previous life as a teacher, my boss used to talk about spinning plates, and how we couldn’t always keep all of the plates spinning. Sometimes we have to let a plate drop so we can keep all the other plates going. It’s something that stuck with me then and continues to stick with […]

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You know you are a soccer mom when....

You Know You Are A Soccer Mom When….

It’s soccer season, which means it’s soccer mom season. Shout out to all the soccer moms out there! You know you are a soccer mom when: Your weekends revolve around the game schedule Just this week I was trying to organise a movie playdate with 2 of my great boy mama friends. Trying to find […]

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Ypu know you're (1)

You know you’re a golf widow when….

My husband is a golfer. He has been a golfer as long as I’ve known him. I know there are more partners of golfers out there. So, you know you’re a golf widow when… You casually prepare plans around golfing weekends – there’s no point making a fuss so you just embrace his loss for […]

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Fun Date nights

Fun Date Nights Around Anaheim

Date night. The Holy Grail for most parents. We all need time together to reconnect. Get out there and have some fun! When we first moved here I had no idea what fun there was to be had in the local area so I would ask my friends what they liked to do and I […]

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Have you ever had a ‘mom life’ crisis?

Help – I think I am having a mom life crisis! Send cookies and wine… Have you ever had a mom life crisis? You know, that moment where you look back at your pre-mummy life and realise HOW MUCH has changed. Where you spend moments longing for your life pre-kids when less than 10 hours […]

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Boys and Pink – Can we drop the stigma?

Boys and pink; why is it socially unacceptable? Our girls are ‘allowed’ to like ‘boys toys’ and dress in ‘boys clothes’ but when a boy likes pink it is considered so taboo. Still. In 2016!  Boys are shamed by adults into believing they cannot like ‘girl things’. It is so ingrained in some of our […]

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