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Do You Know the Queen of England- (1)

English – A Translation!

When we considered leaving the UK and taking a position that gave us scope for adventure, ensuring we went to an English speaking country was top of my list. I’ve since realized that there are many subtle differences between the English I speak, and the English Americans speak. He is my translation: Crisps – these […]

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You know you AREN'T From the OC When

You Know You AREN’T From the OC When…

I’m from Iowa.  Moving to California was part of my big adventure as a newly graduated college kid.  I experienced a lot of social changes after moving to the Golden State.  However, nothing quite prepared me for moving to Orange County.  Can you relate to any of these? You aren’t sure what to make of […]

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The perfect Valentine-

The Perfect Valentine?

  I have a confession to make – I love gifts.  In fact, I love gifts so much that when someone gets me a gift that doesn’t make any sense I actually feel offended.  Now, before you stop reading and think I’m some sort of stuck up brat – just know that I love GIVING […]

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Top 10 Best -Kid Says- (1)

My Top 10 Best “Kids Say”

I have to say that one of my favorite shows was “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  I loved that show even before I had children.  And now that I do it’s completely accurate.  Kids truly do say the most bizarre, often unintelligible, counterintuitive and quite frankly straight up weirdest things.  I haven’t had children too […]

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