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This isn't how it's supposed to be

What Today Is “Supposed” To Be

Hey y’all – today is supposed to be the Friday Funny.  I know, I look forward to it every Friday too, but if I’m being honest I simply couldn’t find the funny this week.  In fact, I most certainly needed the Funny more than any other week – but I just didn’t have it in […]

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An Open Letter to My Mom Friends

A Letter to My Mom Friends

Dear Mom Friends, I think it’s time you stopped being so hard on yourselves and realized how amazing you all truly are.  You see, I’ve been watching you for the past few years and it’s come to my attention that you don’t see yourselves in the same way everyone else sees you.  In fact, the […]

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I'm Drowning

I Feel Like I’m Drowning

There’s a song that sometimes pops into my head.  The lyrics go something like you’re only.  you’re only seventeen.  you’re only. you’re only seventeen. It’s almost like I actually have little characters inside my head who throw that song into my brain like in the movie Inside Out.  For whatever reason that song takes me […]

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Stay at home mama vs. Working mama

Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms

My grandmother recently started a debate over whether stay at home moms or working moms have it harder. My 82 year old grandmother who raised three boys and a girl, thought that staying at home was much more difficult. As the debate got a little heated, she pointed out that she had done both. Another […]

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