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5 Reasons why my baby boy and my husband aren’t all that different

I must preface this by saying I am in love with my husband and I am also in love with my little baby boy.  There is a lot of love for both.  Lots.  Just. I. Love. Them.  {Okay so maybe this is more of a please still love me after I write this, husband!}  The other day I was realizing how alike they look.  Seriously they are twins, it’s crazy.  And that got me to thinking about a lot of the other ways they are similar.  Some are subtle, while others are more dramatic.

  1. They both enjoy a good number 2.  – I know, I know.  This post is starting out with jokes about poop.  It’s only toilet humor from here on out.  Okay, sorry – the joke was sitting right there!  But really, I can always tell when my baby has a dirty diaper because he is so calm.  I’ll take him to the grocery store or take away his favorite toy and he sits there without complaint.  I figure it’s because he’s the best baby in the entire world – until I get a whiff of him and realize – nope, he just pooped and is happier than a clam to be sitting in it.  My husband can be very similar, minus the sitting in it.  He’s always in a much better mood after his morning coffee and potty.
  2. HANGRY doesn’t even begin describe them – It’s true.  When my husband is hungry he almost can’t function.  He’s one of those people that has the incredibly annoying fast metabolism and can eat anything he wants, so when his blood sugar is low – watch out!  My baby is basically the same, except he doesn’t complain about having the same meal twice.
  3. They can fall asleep anywhere – Whether we are in the car or watching television, I can always count on my boys to be dozing.  My husband can literally be snoring while awake.  I’m pretty sure this is some sort of medical miracle and probably needs to be studied by science.  And like my husband, my baby boy likes to sleep – anywhere except his bed.  

    Getting ready to go somewhere is torture – I think it’s obvious why it’s torture to get ready to go anywhere with a baby.  However, getting ready to go somewhere with my husband is like waiting for a teenage girl to get off her phone.  Its. never. going. to. happen.  After being married for almost 7 years I have come to realize that if I give him at least an hour and myself fifteen minutes then we’ll be arriving on time.  If not, my time to get ready dwindles into the negative zone.  And adding our son to the mix means I’m now responsible for myself and two little ones.  This is why I NEVER LOOK NICE!

  5. If all else fails whip out the boob – No matter what my baby wants or whatever is making him upset if I whip out the boob he’s happy.  The same basic principal applies to my husband.

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