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5 Reasons You Should Write for Anaheim Moms Blog



Why should you write for Anaheim Moms Blog?  You’ve been following the blog for almost a year now and have probably thought to yourself, 

That is MY life! or That’s happened to me too! or I want to tell my story too.

And now is your chance!  So, here are the top 5 reasons you should write for Anaheim Moms Blog!

  1. Tell your story – Everyone has a story.  Everyone.  Anaheim Moms Blog is a platform for you to get your story to not only local moms but moms all around the country – and even the world.  (True story!)
  2. Be a part of something bigger than yourself – Anaheim Moms Blog is part of the larger City Moms Blog Network.  You will be one of 2,000 writers from around the country.  All moms.  All helping each other navigate this crazy journey of motherhood.
  3. Do something for YOU! – You volunteer ALL OF THE TIME!  Why not volunteer for something you WANT to do?! We realize your time is valuable and you have limited “you” time.  But this is something for just you.  For you to express yourself.  For you to help other women who may be going through the same thing.  For you to educate others, make others laugh, a chance to have your voice heard.
  4. It’s fun –  Anaheim Moms Blog is fun!  We promise!  There are fun events happening – you’ve seen them we hope.  And hopefully, you’ve been to a few!  Why not be part of what’s happening in your community?  And have a little fun doing it.
  5. Connect with other Moms in your area – First and foremost you get to connect with the other contributors from Anaheim Moms Blog that you may not have ever met.  Second, you get to connect with other moms in the community.  Those who read your posts, those who you see at events and those who you see out and about.  Nothing is better than hearing a mom tell another mom that their post helped them.  It truly is the BEST feeling.

We could go ON AND ON!  If this resonates with you.  Take the leap of faith.  Tell your story.  Become a contributor!  Apply here!  Deadline to apply is January 14th, 2017!


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