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Access Change Fitness Academy – a gym with a difference

Anaheim Moms Blog has partnered with Access Change Fitness Academy to bring you this post, but as always our opinions are our own!

I recently spend two week trying out Access Change, a gym in Yorba Linda which is literally everything I want in a gym – this place is my kind of gym!

The owners have created a community-based gym, where people make friends and everyone feels welcome. Every session I was greeted with smiling faces and all the staff remembered my name and asked how I was doing.

Every session I was greeted with smiling faces and all the staff remembered my name and asked how I was doing.

access-change-3Making friends with the people you work out with creates a certain feeling of accountability – you want to go to the classes because you know people will be expecting you, and more importantly they will support you on tough days. They are also stockists for Dot Fit nutrition. I tried some of the protein bars and they were delicious!

Here’s what they say about their gym, which is exactly the vibe I got from my time working out there; 

Fitness isn’t just a workout. Fitness isn’t just about feeling your best, or looking your best. It isn’t just about building good health, strong bones, and powerful muscles. Fitness isn’t just about a strong heart and good nutrition. Fitness is life. At Access Change we believe fitness is a Community and a Lifestyle. We strive each day to build our community, because our community is your community. Our fitness is your fitness.

All their trainers are certified, which is a must for many gyms, but at Access Change each trainer is also a specialist in a certain area and they are encouraged to continue to train and learn and gain more qualifications. 

I took strength classes, conditioning classes and I had a 1:1 nutrition lesson and a 1:1 training session. I LOVED every one I took, so I am going to talk a bit about each one.

Strength classes

access-change-1In a strength class you will work out with no more than 8 people. 8 PEOPLE! A couple of the classes I took it was only me, so it was like a personalized session. The trainers focused on my form. They taught me to use machines I thought I knew how to use correctly, and showed me interesting new exercises to try. These were my favourite classes; pacy and fun but challenging. I was encouraged to do things at my own pace and show modifications where needed. I got to try out the TRX which is a cool piece of equipment.

They also have a manual treadmill which was tough on the legs in a good way! Classes last 30 minutes and the strength and conditioning classes run back to back and focus on different areas each week. Many people do both for a complete 1-hour workout.

Conditioning classes

access-change-2In a conditioning class you will work out with no more than 16 people. This is a far cry from the classes at the big gym I used to go to where there were upwards of 30 people shoehorned into a room! These classes were cardio, done interval style. I really enjoy interval training and it’s the best way for me to lose weight so I was happy with these. I ached so much after these classes (in a good way, I worked hard and felt like I reaped the benefit from that but also felt the pain!) Classes last 30 minutes.

Personal training session

Before I started I met with Katie, one of the trainers. Katie specializes in prenatal and post-partum exercise as well as nutrition and she really knows her stuff. I met with her before my session and she looked at my food intake and discussed things I needed to change.

My diet is pretty good at the moment but she identified that I need to increase my protein intake. She also discussed my injuries and limitations ready for my training session and worked out my body fat % and muscle mass.

access-changeWhen I had my session with her she had tailored my plan to my needs. She was friendly and encouraging which I love in a trainer. She really focused on my form when I was working out, we did cardio and strength work. I left feeling energised, proud and encouraged to continue my fitness journey. I saw other trainers working with their clients during my other workouts and they were all like Katie in the way they encouraged but pushed people to achieve their best.

If you are looking for a great gym, somewhere you can get quality workouts done, a place where you will learn how to fuel your body, feel valued and supported, and get personal attention then Access Change is the gym for you. 

They currently have a great promotion running. You sign up for a 3 month commitment you get your first month free.

They have 3 levels of membership depending on what you want to achieve an they run regular fitness challenges. Their next challenge begins in January and would be a great way to start the new year. After the initial 3 month commitment the agreement becomes month to month, so no 12 month contract to worry about.

Visit the Access Change website for more details on the packages they offer.

Access Change really is a gym with a difference. I felt like I finally found the place I WANT to work out in. I strongly urge you to go try them out. You won’t be disappointed!

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