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Why Is My Child Obsessed With Fidget Spinners?

anaheim moms blogSeriously, did anyone know what a fidget spinner was a year ago?  

I didn’t.

So, why is my five-year-old obsessed with fidget spinners?

Well, I asked him and he told me that the fidget spinner was his favorite toy.  When I asked him why he said he didn’t know.  

So much for a solid reason.

Apparently, fidget cubes and fidget spinners are here to stay.  I blame YouTube for my son’s sudden and extreme obsession.  And also the fact that they are literally everywhere and relatively cheap. 

Although I have seen some that are upwards of $100.  And yes, I have looked them up.  Because I’m a mom and I Google ridiculous things!

However, in my research, I’ve found that fidget spinners were originally designed to help people focus.  Which makes sense.  Remember when you were in third grade and they came out with those colored pens that had twelve different colors on then and there was that ONE kid who kept clicking all through math class?  Well, that clicking was helping him focus.

It may well have been driving your eight-year-old self batty, but at least someone was focusing.

And not only that, if you are a knee shaker or a cheek biter, you too could benefit from using a fidget cube when you’re working.  

So, how does this all relate back to my kid being obsessed with fidget spinners?  

Well, if you’ve been around any child for at least one minute you’ve come to realize that they like to move.  Like, all. of. the. time.

So having something that they can use to get their mind-energy out is SUPER appealing.  It may actually calm them.  Mind = blown.

Not only that, but fidget spinners require hand-eye coordination.  Yes, the do – go ahead and try your child’s spinner and spin it in one hand.  It’s a little harder than it looks.

And of course, his little YouTube review people are all unboxing them at a record pace, which means my son is beyond excited about every fidget spinner imaginable.  They’ve got every type and color of fidget spinner you could ever imagine.  The Captain America one is pretty cool.  I have to admit.

Like anything, I’m sure my son will grow out of his obsession with fidget spinners.  And when he does I will gladly take them for myself.  Because I bought one for myself.  Don’t tell my kid!  

How many fidget spinners does your child have??




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