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Fun First Day of School Quiz for Your Kids :: Free Printable


For some of you, it will be filled with tears of pride.  Others will be popping the bubbly as you walk away from the front gate.  Whichever camp you’re in – you most likely still took that first day of school picture.

Anaheim Moms BlogWe are moms so of course, we go all out for the first day of school.  We choose the perfect outfit, we print or make a cute little sign for our kids to hold, we even dress in more than work out clothes!  Because first impressions.  Right?!

So what happens after pick up?  For most of us, it’s routine. 

How many of us get those first day of school memories AFTER the day has happened?  We capture everything until the day begins.  So why not take a few moments and ask a couple of questions.  

Thankfully, we’re WAY ahead of you!  

We’ve got a quiz that your kids will actually like.  Well, at least it doesn’t involve any addition or subtraction.

Everyone loves a quiz!!

So here is our awesome first day of school quiz.  You can download the PDF here

displayHave a little fun with your kids after they get home.  Give them a snack and see what’s on their mind.  You’re definitely going to want to write down what they have to say.

You’ll have a cute recap of their entire first day to keep in their memory folder.  

And years from now you can look back and chuckle as you recall the funny things they noticed on their first day of school.  Because let’s not forget – it’s THEIR first day.

As much as it’s ours.



From all of us at Anaheim Moms Blog – have an awesome first day of school!  And don’t forget to hashtag us with your answers!  #AMBfirstdayquiz

We can’t wait to read what your little ones have to say!!

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