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Why ‘me time’ is important in our family

I want people to know why ‘me time’ is important in our family. It’s something so many mummies don’t get enough of. Either by choice, or by necessity, or by circumstance. We knew when we had our first 5 years ago that ‘me time’ was going to be something we placed importance on. I fully recognise our way isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who live like we do, or who would like to, here is what we do and why we do it.

Children are hard work. There; I said it. I love my boys with every inch of my body and soul but I am also a strange creature in that I am a sociable introvert. Sometimes I need time to myself, to be quiet and to sit, but I also need to be with friends. The friends who know me inside out, who I can be myself with. My tribes of girls keep me sane.

So in order to keep my sanity I choose to take time to myself when I can and to be with my friends when the opportunity arrises. It’s wonderful! I am lucky to have a husband who feels the same way. He takes his me time too. He plays golf, or he hangs out with friends. When we are back in England he plays a family golf tournament. Of course, I recognise he needs it just as much as I do and I never (ok not never, but rarely) say no to him having this time. We believe it makes our relationship stronger.


Drinking hot apple cider!


The ultimate ‘me time’ by the pool in Italy


Enjoying drinks with the girls on vacation

I know you are wondering what kind of me time I take. I have done things like go for dinner and a movie with friends, grab a starbucks on my own and SIT IN, get an evening pedicure when the kids are in bed or Sunday morning brunch. There have also been more extravagant activities like flying to Spain for a bachelorette party. What an amazing 6 days that was. I’ll spare the details, but needless to say there was plenty of prosecco and giggles to be had that week!! 2 summers ago I went to Italy for a week with my best girlfriends from school. My girlfriends and I made memories we will keep forever. My boys spent a magical week with their daddy and grandparents in France making their own memories.

We are lucky that as a couple we are like minded on this subject. We know this way of parenting isn’t for everyone (and isn’t even an option for many) but for our family ‘me time’ is vital. This is our way, it’s our thing. I don’t expect all parents to be comfortable with doing this, but just remember that even 30 minutes to recharge alone can be invaluable when you are feeling frazzled. Go on mama, give ‘me time’ a try!

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