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Blowout For Dinner-

Blowout For Dinner?

My husband and I were in that newborn-first-child-we-can-still-do-everything-we-did-BEFORE-we had-a-baby-phase.  We were young and naive.  Well, I was young.  He was just naive.  {LOVE YOU BABE!}  So of course we decided to go to dinner.  Easy as a blowout pie, right? We ordered some appetizers, chips and salsa for him, green bean fries with dipping sauce […]

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Top 10 #ParentFails

We here at Anaheim Moms Blog are basically perfect at parenting.  We pride ourselves in being the best parents EVER.  Mother’s Day is our Superbowl and we WIN every time! Oh puuuuulllleeeaassseee!  We are seriously just trying to make it through the day with all of our children alive and all limbs accounted for!  So, […]

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Get ready…I’m about to out myself

Okay y’all ready? Here goes – I am not a super hero. I’m not a super mom, a super wife, or a super worker. I know, I know you are shocked (read sarcasm).  So maybe I outed myself to something you already know. However, I certainly needed the reminder. These days I’m feeling a little […]

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What Were They Thinking-

What Were They Thinking?!

Do you ever see your child’s actions and wonder, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!  I have those thoughts almost every single day.  It’s only when I start to remember how ridiculous I was when I was a kid that I realize people are weird.  Not only are kids weird, but people in general are weird.  So, to […]

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Top 10 Best -Kid Says- (1)

My Top 10 Best “Kids Say”

I have to say that one of my favorite shows was “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  I loved that show even before I had children.  And now that I do it’s completely accurate.  Kids truly do say the most bizarre, often unintelligible, counterintuitive and quite frankly straight up weirdest things.  I haven’t had children too […]

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New Year Fresh Start

Three Goals This Mama Wants to Keep

Another year has come and gone. I find it funny that we set resolutions each year with good intentions to meet them, but somehow in the midst of being a busy mom, wife, working professional…we’d forget them right around February. Well, this year is different, right? Sure. Let’s set some because it will make us […]

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Did CaveMoms have it better-

Did CaveMoms have it better?

I often wonder if CaveMoms (yes I made that term up) had it better.  Or maybe the correct term is easier.  Aside from the obvious not having any modern medicine to rely upon and the occasional wild beast storming the camp, did they have less worries? Sometimes I find myself spinning in a world of […]

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