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Spooktackular 2017

Spooktackular 2017

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who have made this event possible! We are thrilled to bring you Spooktackular 2017 hosted by My Gym Yorba Linda.  Tickets can be purchased at the bottom, but please read to the end!! Have some Halloween Fun with your family at our Spooktackular Event! MyGym will be hosting a [...]
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A Chaee Filled Life-

A Chaee Filled Life: My Crash Course Into Iranian Culture

How many of you can remember watching ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and laughing at how Greeks use Windex to cure everything? I know I certainly did. Well, in my house it’s not Windex, it’s chaee (‘tea’ in Farsi). I didn’t have a big fat Persian wedding (I’ll save that for another post), but I […]

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On Turing 30 (1)

On Turning 30

I’m turning the big “Three-Oh” this year and it has me doing all kinds of introspection-y type things. I don’t hate or dread getting older; in fact, quite the opposite. You see, I’m like a fine wine – I just keep getting better with age. JUST KIDDING. I’m not that annoying. Or maybe I am… […]

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Dol for a Little Seoul- A Korean First Birthday Celebration

Dol for a Little Seoul: A Korean First Birthday Celebration

Birthdays, whether we like it or not, are a universally celebrated milestone.  Jewish culture commemorates with a bar/bat mitzvah, Mexican culture with a quinceañera.  Korean custom does not disappoint with the first birthday or doljanchi (dol). Dol celebrations stemmed from an unfortunate Korean past of high infant mortality rates, harsh climates and childhood disease.  After the age of 1, survival rates steeply […]

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