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Mommy & Me Sports are Lame, There I Said It.

A few years ago when my oldest was almost two I decided that it would be SO fun if he played soccer.  And since he wasn’t old enough to actually play soccer I found a Mommy & Me soccer that seemed to be perfect.

Now, as a first-time, mom, I had no idea what Mommy & Me really meant.  I had been a part of a Mommy & Me class but this sports thing was a whole new world to me.

My son was pretty coordinated so I just assumed he would dominate on the soccer field. 

Oh if only I could record my silly self at the first Mommy & Me soccer.  

See, the whole idea of Mommy & Me soccer {or any sport for that matter} is that you participate with your child.  And since I’m pretty competitive I really wanted my son to actively engage.  

The reality was that I basically sat there screaming – Put the ball on the ground!  Run to mommy!   Kick!  Kick!  Put the ball back on the ground!  Run!!!

I was so tired after the first Mommy & Me soccer time.  I was hoarse from screaming.  I was a complete sweat ball.  And my son could have cared less that we even went. 

But because I signed up for soccer there was absolutely no way I was going to quit – or allow him to quit.  So we struggled through the rest of the season. 

After soccer, I thought that maybe we he should try gymnastics.   

So once again, I signed up for a Mommy & Me gymnastics class.  Since my son was so physical I thought he would love to do gymnastics.  He could run and jump and do obstacle courses.

However, I found that what happened at soccer happened again at gymnastics.  The entire time I yelled – This way, this way!  Get in line!  It’s not time to jump yet!

Now, the staff running both the soccer and gymnastics were amazing.  They didn’t seem to mind that my son just did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.  As for me?  I was once again exhausted from yelling at him to do what the instructor had asked.  

I remember looking up at the stands and seeing the parents of the older children reading.  I wanted to be those parents.  I wanted to take my child to a sport and sit and crochet or something.  I did not want to actively participate. Nope.

And so that was the last Mommy & Me sport that we did.  I lasted two.  And because I hated them so much my younger son will also not experience sports until I don’t have to participate.

If that makes me a bad, lazy, selfish mom then so be it.  

And if you love Mommy & Me sports I may have a soon to be two-year-old that you can borrow.  I will gladly park my folding chair off to the side and cheer you both on.

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