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Motherhood, I’m Winging It.

Guys, today my almost two-year-old ate fruit snacks for breakfast.  In my defense they were organic! Thank you, Costco. As I allowed this travesty of a breakfast to happen, I realized that I am flying by the seat of my pants.  I just really hope that there isn’t some sort of emergency exit happening anytime soon.

I don’t know exactly how this I’m just winging it attitude started, but I’m guessing it happened with child #3.  

The baby shall be blamed because he is unable to talk and therefore cannot defend himself.

Seriously.  It’s like a free-for-all at my house at all hours of the day.  I work from home.  Which basically means I work in between my kids asking me for something, looking for something my kids have lost, making food {or opening packages of food}, picking and dropping them off at various locations and the list goes on and on.

So when I do have a minute or two to focus on work, I do just that.  I focus.

Which also means that my kids have the run of the house.  Because I’m trying to focus!

My husband is freelance and when he is working in LA it’s all me all the time.  

Some things just slide.  And by slide I mean they plummet off the deep end.

I will find toothbrushes jammed between couch cushions.  I will pretend not to see the chewed up chicken nugget by the fireplace for at least fifteen more minutes so I can finish an email.  I sometimes consider a frozen pizza a meal well cooked.  Yep, we are flying by the seat of our pants.

Do my kids wear pajamas to bed?  Most days!  But if my four-year-old bucks me, I just let him wear his pants.  Because I know that if I can get him to bed then I can actually get some work done.  

And maybe watch a television show.  One that has adult themes and requires the maturity of an adult.  No offense Moana, but I’m beginning to think we’ve seen your story one too many times when the first song I begin to hum is your theme song.

It’s not that I don’t try to have nice things.  It’s that I’ve let the idea of having nice things find its home next to my high heels and size four pants that mock me.

Have I let my kids entertain themselves with forks?  This may or may not have happened. 

Laundry may be piled for a few days.  My child’s high-chair looks like it got in a massive fight with spaghetti and chocolate.  Both of which he hasn’t had in at least two weeks.

Most days I feel like I’m just trying to play catch up from the previous day, week and honestly, year.  And that becomes so overwhelming.  Currently, I’m tired just thinking about tomorrow.

At the end of the day I think to myself, well at least we didn’t have to go the ER.  Truly, we are just flying.

And I know this too shall pass.  But for now, if you see me at Target looking like I don’t own a brush it’s because I don’t!  No, I do, my son likes to hide it in places like the toilet.  

Just know that I’m doing my best.  I really love my kids more than life itself.  And please just tell me if there’s something in my teeth.  My kids really love to ruin all of my floss. 




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